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Preston Antique Centre Gallery

Antique Ceramics

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Treacle Glaze Items

A treacle glaze game jug, possibly Swansea, gin flask and early lion, possibly Rockingham.
Lion: £245
Jug: £185
Gin Flask: £165
Seller: R. Leach Antiques
W 3208

Pair Of Continental Pug Dogs

A pair of continental pug dogs, Molly and Toby.
Dimensions; Height: 18cm
Seller: R. Leach
W 3090

Price - £225

Salt Glazed Tobacco Jar

An unbelievable quality salt glazed tobacco jar.
Dimensions; Height: 27cm, Top Diameter: 15cm
Seller: R. Leach
W 3088

Price - £225

Collection Of Cloisonne

A collection of Cloisonne, various items at various prices.
Seller: Roy Leach Antiques
W 2876

Set Of 6 Staffordshire Figures

A 19th century set of 6, hand painted, Staffordshire figures of a huntsman with his dog.
Dimensions; Height: 18cm
Seller: P.W. Antiques
W 2459

Price - £275

Retro Dinner Service

Picture 2.
W 2198

Terracotta Urn

A stunning terracotta urn lavishly painted with images of tigers and leopards. Very good condition.
Dimensions; Height: 92cm, Diameter at widest part: 56cm
Seller: The Antique Trade Warehouse
W 1886

Price - £450

Staffordshire Figures

An example of a good selection of Staffordshire figures.
Enquire for more details.
Seller: P.W. Antiques
W 1469

Price - £Various

Pair of 19th Century Bisque Figures

A beautiful pair of 19th Century bisque figures. Excellent condition.
Dimensions; Height: 38cm
Seller: P.A.C
W 442

Price - £195

Studio Pottery Jug

A studio pottery jug in very good condition.
Dimensions; Height: 45cm
Seller: Q'Ti'Ques
W 435

Price - £30

Large Blue and White Copeland Platter, Circa 1850

Would grace the centre of any table. This large blue and white Copeland platter, Circa 1850 is in excellent condition.
Dimensions; Height: 40cm, Width: 53cm
Seller: P.A.C.
W 57

Price - £225

Moorcroft Vase

A beautiful, signed, Moorcroft vase. Dimensions; Height: 21cm
Seller: P. Nelson
W 2234

Price - £ - SOLD



I went to Preston Antique Centre last week after seeing them on Celebrity Antiques Road Trip! Its a fantastic place that I didn't even know was there - Wow, Great place !

I visited Preston Antique Centre with my wife at the weekend, and couldn't be more pleased. The staff were so helpful and friendly and the dining suit - Mr. L. Hughes

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