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Preston Antique Centre Gallery

Retro Furniture and Smalls

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Variety Of Retro Items

A selection of Scandinavian inspired good retro buys and unique designer pieces, Steve Ward Antiques.

Retro Leather Chairs

Set of 6 70's style retro dining chairs with leather studded seats on metal frames.
Seller: S. Ward Antiques
W 3213

Price - £150 or £3

Retro Teak Sideboard

A retro mid teak Danish style sideboard.
Dimensions; Height: 75cm, Length: 198cm, Width: 46cm
Seller: S. Ward Antiques
W 3213

Price - £190

Portwood Table And 4 Chairs

A retro Portwood mid teak Danish style extending dining table and 4 chairs.
Dimensions (table); Height: 72cm, Length: 136-181cm, Width: 88cm
Seller: S. Ward Antiques
W 3211

1950's Swedish Rosewood and Chrome Table with Upholstered Chairs By Piel Design

A 1950's Swedish rosewood topped table, chrome legs, with blue upholstered chairs, by Piel Design.
Seller: Global Antiques
W 3209

Price - £795

Rosewood Parquet Coffee Table By Paul Cadovious

A 1960's Danish rosewood parquet coffee table with sled legs by Poul Cadovius.
Dimensions; Height: 40cm, Length: 130cm, Width: 65cm
Seller: S. Ward Antiques
W 3195

Price - £420

Retro Barstools

3 chrome retro barstools.
Dimensions; Height: 83cm
Seller: J.M.B.
W 3002

Price - £25 Each

Cowhide Footstool

A retro cowhide footstool.
Dimensions; Height: 33cm, Width: 72cm, Depth: 64cm
Seller: J.M.B.
W 3001

Price - £40

Pair Of G Plan Tables

A pair of G Plan side tables, E. Gomme early mark.
Dimensions; Height: 48cm, Width: 43cm, Depth: 46cm
Seller: R. Leach
W 2980

Price - £160

Teak Nest Of Tables

A teak nest of 3 tables, with drawers.
Dimensions; Height: 51cm, Width: 91cm, Depth: 43cm
Seller: W. Witney
W 2931

Price - £125

Swivel Chair Upholstered in Sanderson's Fabric

A 1920's, oak, swivel and recliner chair, covered in a 1960's Sanderson's fabric. Good condition.
Dimensions; Height: 105cm, Width: 70cm, Depth: 64cm
Seller: P.A.C.
W 2570

Price - £240

G-Plan Nest

A G-plan nest of three tables. Very good condition.
Dimensions (of largest); Height: 48cm, Width: 54cm, Depth: 43cm
Seller: L. Tidswell
W 2294

Price - £85

Collection Of German Vases

A collection of German vases, priced separately above.

Price - £See Above

Retro Burlington Hair-Dryer

Picture 2.
W 2008

Ercol Drop-Leaf Table

Picture 2.
W 1744

1950's Fortune Ball

An unusual, retro, 1950's fortune ball. Good condition.
Dimensions; Height: 20cm, Diameter: 25cm
Seller: T. Sutcliffe
W 1616

Price - £70

Retro Display Table

A retro display table with chrome legs. Fair condition, some damage.
Dimensions; Height: 82cm, Width: 126cm, Depth: 58cm
Seller: The Antique Trade Warehouse
W 1601

Price - £195 -
Sale - £135

Set of 6 1960's Frosted Glass Doors

A set of 6 1960's frosted glass doors, good general condition, just in need of a clean!
Dimensions; Height: 198cm, Width: 77cm
Seller: Q'Ti'Ques
W 1234

Price - £360



I first came across Preston Antique Centre through the internet, and after looking through the treasure trove of a gallery on their website, I decided - Mr. C. Bayley

When i visited Preston Antique Centre, I was stunned by the amount of antique furniture, and vast choice of smalls and collectables that were for sale - Mrs. Jane Morrison

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